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I don't know if I could do a really glitzy, jazz hands-style musical but if it was an interesting script that had some fantastic music then maybe. We did film in Manchester but I’ve lived in London for about seven years now in east London. But it's nice because she comes down here and we just wear the hell out of her and then she's ready to go back up north.

If I had it my way all of my family would be down here but it's nice to go back and see them. I love my fashion and I do always think of outfits and really I should just draw them.

Would you ever return to fashion or designing again? So maybe one day it would be great to have a wardrobe I've designed of everything I want to wear.

There's so many things I want to wear and I go to look for them and they don't exist – I could make it myself. You're leaving the fashion be for now but definitely recording and acting? It's really hard finding the right acting role because when you do it's such a special thing.

I just finished, I was doing that in the West End for about six months and I told myself I was going to have a couple of months doing nothing really and just relaxing so that's what I've been doing but I've been in a lot of meetings and done a lot of auditions so I am concentrating on that.

I'm also back in the studio working on the third album.

It's a proven fact that chewing gum after every meal reduces plaque and so I think it’s for a really great cause. I think it's a young thing, I don't think I had great self confidence when I was younger. Did you have braces or anything when you were younger?Why did you want to get involved in National Smile Month? From the name I knew it would be a really exciting, fun campaign to be a part of.Also I was talking to Wrigley who did a survey that said 67% of people actually cover up their smile for a photo and that touches you a little bit because you should have the confidence to smile.I am looking forward to finding the next thing and getting in the studio and writing. Diana Vickers is the face of Wrigley's Extra White Bubblemint campaign for National Smile Month 2014, encouraging people to chew sugarfree gum for a clean and healthy smile.Leo Blackburn, Lancashire, England Diana Vickers went to Westholme School in Blackburn and studied Classics, Theatre Studies, and Psychology for her A Levels.

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