Dianna agron dating history

Alex Pettyfer is an English actor born and raised in the United Kingdom.

He shifted his base after he started working in Hollywood projects.

Thus little is known about his UK days and whether he had a girlfriend or not.

However the actor did not waste much time in finding a love interest when he entered the glamour world of Hollywood.

According to some of the news it has been reported that this handsome and popular British star is presently setting the things up with the model Marloes Horst.

The soon to be 27 year old actor was born in Hertfordshire and did his schooling in the UK.

He moved to Los Angeles where he is presently settled because of his acting commitments in Hollywood.

I think he and she are close buddies and I think Cory May Have Crush on her !

but he dint Admitted in any interview and none asked him about him crush on Dianna or ... Mark is single and Dianna is also single, though recently from interviews after the 100th Glee episode it seems as if they could be or seem to be from the way they talk about eachother and how often they talk about eachother.

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Here you will not only find about his current relationship, but his entire dating life.

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