Did oliver james dating amanda bynes

Amanda was always placed in comedic roles due to her natural comedic skills, but she grew tired of that.

The two were very similar in their career paths until Lohan took that one step further into the teen market and Bynes remained in the tween one.

While Lohan’s story was something that was talked about for days, Bynes’s arrest was talked about for hours and then forgotten, all of which only fueled Amanda’s behavior.

She wanted attention, so much so that she began to lose her mind.

They claim she is very fragile and she isn’t fully independent yet as she doesn’t even leave her house without her life coach by her side.

It was back in 2008 that Amanda was beginning to show signs of breaking.

Indeed, this girl’s career has been a topsy turvy roller coaster.

At the height of her career, she was a comedic actress with so much potential and the brightest of futures ahead of her.Amanda went from attention seeking to full on psychologically disturbed.Her Twitter rants became the least of everyones worries as her behavior was getting more and more strange.She wanted to break away from her good-girl image that she held for so long thanks to her association and rise to fame with Nickelodeon.It was in 2008 that she posted, “I’d love to do something that would shock people, something that’s against type.” That was the first sign of trouble.

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