Different types dating violence

Sexual abuse also includes behavior which limits reproductive rights, such as preventing use of contractive methods and forcing abortion.

is often characterized as intimidation, threats of harm, and isolation.

Emotional: Humiliating the victim in front of friends or making the victim feel guilty when she confronts the abuser about the abuse.

Intimidation: Making the victim fearful by using threatening behavior, abuse of animals, verbal aggression or destruction of property.

Throughout this Web site, victims are often referred to as females and abusers as male.

involves making or attempting to make the victim financially dependent on the abuser.Abusers attempt to control their partners in a variety of ways.The following is a list of common controlling behaviors: Isolation: Trying to cut off the victim's relationship with family and friends; using jealousy to justify behavior.Examples of economic abuse include preventing or forbidding an intimate partner from working or gaining and education, controlling the financial resources, and withholding access to economic resources.Not all forms of domestic violence are criminalized and, in fact, drafters of legislation are encouraged to consider limiting intervention to cases involving physical and sexual violence, the threat of such violence, and extreme acts of coercive control from which the victim cannot easily escape.

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Coercion: Threatening to find someone else if the dating partner doesn't comply with the abuser's wishes or demands.

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