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The master server sends its data and delegates authority to the slave server.Clients can query a slave server for DNS information.The process of sending the most recent zone database from the master to the slave is called a zone transfer.

DNS is a server that converts the domain names to corresponding IP addresses. The server administrator can configure a DNS to be master or slave.

The DNS ( Domain Name System ) is a distributed system, used for transalate domain names to IP and vice a versa.

This article will help you to How to Setup Master Slave DNS Server on Cent OS 6 and RHEL Systems.

It can work as master server in a zone while working as a slave server in another zone. What is Master DNS Server Master DNS server is also known as the primary DNS server. A master server communicating with the slave server is called a zone transfer.

Every domain name in the network is assigned to DNS servers for redundancy.

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Don’t directly associate a DNS zone with a specific domain.

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