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Law enforcement in cases that include fraud, forgery or the like might well be stymied without the services of forensic document examiners.

Recommended preparation for a careers as a forensic document examiner includes a bachelor's degree, as well as field training and experience in lab work. Forensic document examiners, also known as questioned document examiners, are legal experts in methods of detecting fraud, forgery, and other irregularities in documents.

Need information on a property’s current or past mortgage history?

We provide comprehensive documentation on residential or commercial properties and all open or closed mortgages associated with them.

We can also investigate liens against co-op sponsor(s) as well as individual unit owners.

They assist law enforcement agencies and are called upon to give expert witness testimony in courtrooms.

Forensic document examiners are specially trained individuals with a unique talent and, therefore, no formal salary data is available for this career.

Rapid Examiners maintains close relationships with regional offices to bring you quick, accurate document procurement on demand.

Our meticulousness promises peace of mind that paperwork is properly requested, tracked and delivered.

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