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Phil show and decided to make it her goal to be by his side. Debbie, who was homecoming queen and a cheerleader, was wooed by the handsome young man and they got along well.

Since then, Robin has sat in the audience of every Dr.

A statement was made saying, “The lawsuit has been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of all the parties.

The parties have agreed to make no further comment about the lawsuit or its resolution.” Just as Robin cares deeply for her husband and makes sure he has everything he needs from her, Phil does the same for Robin. Phil strongly defended his wife and made sure she would not be lied about in the press.

Robin also has another goal when it comes to her celebrity husband. They were married young and divorced only a few years after their trip down the aisle. Phil shot to fame, Debbie put out a public statement alleging that Dr. Phil has an extremely close relationship with his sons. Phil was in front of his studio audience as usual (with Robin there for the taping as well), something was a little bit off.

Robin does not, however, get overwhelmed by the many things on her plate, but rather she tries to balance her priorities to the best of her abilities. I’ll do it.” Robin had noted that it is vital for a good wife to not neglect her husband in place of other things.

Robin had been planning her surprise for her husband for nine days and Dr. Robin chose a very fitting song with Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. Phil chose the song because of the lyrics which go, “baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23.” Robin is so thoughtful, she even chose the perfect song that related to her relationship.

Phil was very touched at her hard work and results. Phil said of his loving wife, “she created our home, she created our family, and she’s done it all from love.” Robin is always thinking about her family member’s feelings and often does kind gestures that she knows will make them happy. Speaking of her relationship, Robin has been interviewed on many occasions regarding her successful relationship with her famous husband.

Robin had made a video of herself which showed her painting loving words about Dr. In addition to her sweet gesture to her husband, another surprise of the video was that Robin was wearing her wedding veil which she walked down the aisle in exactly 39 years prior! When we see Robin on television, she is usually smiling and has an energy of positivity about her.

The ever romantic Robin chose background music that was meaningful to both her and Dr. She seems so happy that it may come as a surprise that Robin was raised in an unhappy and abusive household.

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