Dysfunctional dating relationships speed dating manila april 2016

And the 2 men I loved, in subsequent relationships during this 8 year period, were amazing to me throughout this process.

I handled this independently, but their acceptance of me and my stage of recovery taught me that I was worthy of being in healthy relationships, even though I had these issues.

Isn’t it ironic that you’re posting such things in this forum?

Leo thanks again, these videos are so logical and straight to the point, I love the way you think and the way you present it. I was in a terribly dysfunctional abusive relationship it is so important to watch for red flags and you mentioned some that I never thought about Thank you!

Medication can be life saving but some people will rely on medication as the only way to deal with difficult times without doing anything else to improve, this is not good. Well , I do agree about the flags but each come with a different kind of challenge. Leo your sincerity and passion shows, I’m sure most people would find it very inspiring, my feeling is you have collected superficial knowledge and theories from many different places, but where you’re speaking from within yourself gives it some depth. I will take these tips to heart the next time I play the dating game. I’m primarily focused on seeking enlightenment, becoming a turquoise (spiral dynamics) and I enjoy reading and learning new things and growing my business… I gave up looking not because I can’t get a date ( I have no problem with requests from men thank goodness) but the problem is they think with their pants and not from their heart…..

Emotions are there to guide you through life, I have compassion for anyone with mental illness but I think that being on excessive medication for a long period of time and not trying other ways to feel ok can be a barrier to relationships. I think what’s fair is knowing what you are getting into before Hand and being able to make a conscious choice that we are willing to “do the work”. I would definitely agree with the drugs and the drinking. I find that people my age can’t relate with me and my enlightenment journey. And they don’t see the value of what I’m doing…seeking truth and seeking real knowledge and inner peace.

After 25 years in this relationship, you are right, I do know him well but I often wonder if he knows me at all.

I am in a dysfunctional relationship and yes it did take A toll on every other aspect of my life for a long while and I Endured it and still enduring it perhaps because there kids involved Maybe because for a long time I had a very low self esteem And it got me really depressed to a Point of thinking of giving up .. One day I found this site, and it got me to think of me Of how I see myself And then some how my point of view on this turned 180 degrees I found that when I am 100% aware of who I am and When I am on the right path for change and self fulfillment I can run the world , including running a dysfunctional relationship up to a satisfactory and hardly abusive level. And after reading a few of your books, I would never date a man that does not have his priorities straight…if the guy isn’t passionate about his life and his job…he won’t be passionate with me.

I have to agree, I wouldnt want a life partner who has to be medicated in order to cope with life.

Most of your stuff is all about positive change but in this video you are telling people to judge people on their past. LEO” used to be way overweight and you had other problems, should you be “dropped” from a relationship for that?

Most of this video makes sense except never judge someone 100% from their past.

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This video helped me realize that I am in a relationship that is bad for me! Leo, I have bipolar disorder and even though I keep learning my triggers and work hard on improving, I do need my meds (not serotonin, that makes it worse) and I am seeing a psychologist to leave all trauma behind. Also I want to point out that you don’t get to choose if you get mentally ill or not.

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