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Finally, a first-century manuscript of Mark would be the earliest manuscript of the New Testament to survive from antiquity, written within 40 years of when the Holy Spirit inspired the original through the pen of the evangelist himself.Needless to say, a first-century fragment of Mark was a bombshell.It should be stated, however, that we have no shortage of New Testament manuscripts.There are about 5,300 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament of various sizes and dates.As unlikely as a first-century Gospel manuscript is, the fragment was allegedly dated by a world-class specialist.This preeminent authority was not an evangelical Christian, either.The publication of P137 was prepared by Oxford papyrologists Daniela Colomo and Dirk Obbink.

The manuscript, Wallace claimed, was to be published later that year in a book from Brill, an academic publisher that has since begun publishing items in the Museum of the Bible collection.P138 overlaps with two roughly contemporary manuscripts of Luke, which allows us better opportunity to assess the early transmission of Luke’s gospel.Additionally, early manuscripts of Philemon are rare, and P139 is among the earliest.Only Carroll would publicly state that he had seen it.Carroll claimed to have seen the fragment in person twice, both times in the possession of Dirk Obbink.

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