Economics of dating relationships

So, regarding dating and relationships, thinking of substitutability in terms of within a purchasing category disallows any superfluous consideration of saying a man is a substitute for a woman or a braying donkey is a substitute for either man or woman.(Gross.) If you are wanting a man or a woman, his or her substitute will be another man or woman.We have come to the rather harsh assumption that, at least at first, we are little more than objects to those pursuing us. No matter the romantic notion of it, I cannot know your inner being or feel one with you or some such other blather. Like walking the aisles of your favorite store, your love at first sight is but only a bauble that immediately interests you and perhaps spurs you to find out more. Another harsh assumption follows from this: As objects, there really isn’t a whole lot that differentiates us from others.

The assumption underlying this book was that everybody’s genes end up producing one of eight classifications for body type/genotype.

There will be other instances in this blog where the subject is explained further.

However, also understand that I do aim to restrict economic discussion to what would be relevant to a theory of dating and building relationships.

More realistically, you might think of a desktop computer being substitutable for a laptop, rather than just thinking of one brand name being substitutable for another.

The point about substitutability involves thinking about price and value.

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