Eduardo verastegui dating ricky martin

You have to have a lot of hatred in your heart to prevent others from being happy in life."I want Eduardo to have an orgasm in my mouth. I didn't know he was anti gay, but if he channels his anger into something productive, he could be a hot B&D master.Eduardo Verastegui Denies Being Ricky Martin’s Baby Daddy The gossip is that Eduardo Verastegui is the father of Ricky Martin’s babies.His hometown is Xicoténcati which is in Tamaulipas.He has worked in various movies and has his own production company Metanoia. Career in Television It was only after the success as a music entertainer as well as a successful star in tv shows that he decided for pursuing his career in Hollywood.I get the impression that between this (cult) coach, and his deeply religious family, Eduardo took the easy way out and went deep inside the closet.

He did a pretty good job of not directly insulting or offending even though it’s clear that he doesn’t agree with same-sex love. "Verástegui took voice-coaching lessons to improve his English pronunciation.He refused roles in films which conflicted with his beliefs and co-founded the production company Metanoia (the Greek word for 'conversion')."That word 'lifestyle' pretty much says all anybody needs to know about whether or not he fooled around with guys.It was his home production and he played the role of Fr. The net worth of Eduardo Verastegui is 13 million dollars.He is also paid for his sponsorship, endorsements as well as advertisements.

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There was once a rumor that he was engaged, but, that was brushed off.

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