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What we did: To set the mood for a conversation about trust, Scott and I took turns blindfolding one another and guiding each other around the house.

I added surprises like feeding him broccoli stems he’d pickled, and having him step in and out of our empty bathtub. First we shared what we cherished about the other person, then we went through a series of questions about what trust and commitment mean to us.

We rarely set aside time in our busy lives to discuss life’s hardest topics. But my perspective on this changed a few years ago when I interviewed several divorce lawyers about the common reasons couples get divorced, aside from infidelity or money issues.

They said when couples are considering marriage, they are often so fond of each other that they assume the other person wants the same things in life as they do.

What we learned: On this date, we discovered Scott only wants one child, and I would like two.

What we did: The book instructed us to have the date in a location with kids around.

What we learned: I wasn’t expecting it, but this was by far our hardest date. It might have been the subject matter, or perhaps we were just in a bad mood, but this date veered off course in an unproductive way.

Although I won’t kiss and tell, it’s important to know that sometimes these conversations aren’t easy.

What kind of parents give their kids presents on Valentine’s Day?!

Scott shared a hilarious story about how his mom refused to buy him JNCO jeans—the pinnacle of fashion for middle schoolers in the late 90’s.

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I recommend reading the book chapter by chapter as you go on the dates.

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