Epg is updating service list please wait updating miva merchant 4 miva engine 5 1

Your app already has auto update, if you add Live Channels compatibility it's gonna get pretty famous (the other option is TVirl which works well but doesn't auto update, or Cumulus which is kinda terrible).

Enabled == false) return ""; if (Is Local == false) { - if (_dbs Card.

(Although it is a new grabber - I am still using basically the same websites). So if you clear all epg in your box, and reimport you should have the most recent set of data, which I believe is correct.

So I have to judge the data from the XMLTV files which is a pain in the ...

(an alternative for these websites is : Could you check it onthese websites, and tell me if should be looking for something else. Willy I could (I think) if I write a grabber for it. Because when it is a schedule which is 5 or 10 minutes wrong, or the occasional show which is replaced at the last minute, grabbing these pages would not solve the problem.

The swedish epg is still grabbed by a very ancient grabber. So I may be suffering from changed schedules and the changes do not end up in the cache on my PC. Except the information may be presented in a little different form. Checked, and grabbing during the night is causing problems. I grab once a day just after midnight for the Swedish case. Secondly: I just started now with a new grabber, which is better in updating changes, although now you will have sometimes double entries with different start times.

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