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If she’s an outdoor enthusiast, what are the best places for hiking in the region?Do not ask her overly personal questions in the first message such as her job title, her religious or political affiliation, or what she’s looking for in a man; unless she shared those things in her profile and you have those things in common.“I’d love to talk more about this with you in person.How about meeting me at Green Engine Coffee on Tuesday at 8pm?You would say, “Hi, my name is Tim and I work in a nonprofit that helps children.We work on a lot of cases of families that are impacted by climate change.” Just your name and something you have in common are enough.

Asking for recommendations is an excellent way to do both.How do you write your message to make that all important first impression? When you apply to a new job, you would start by telling your prospective employer a little bit about yourself in the cover letter, right?Say your prospective match is an environmental activist.For example, if she mentioned that she enjoys the beach, you might share, “My sister had her wedding on the beach.We had a guitar band after dark, and the next day we got to hang out at the beach with all her friends. ” Share these little teasers so that the other person has something to ask about you in addition to answering your question about her.

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