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Being too nice displays that you are not worthy of your partner.

The first step is to not get caught up in the emotions and get your head on right.If it were that easy, everyone would be in a relationship, and we would live in a perfect world. If you are handed everything you wanted all the time, life would get pretty boring.Every great love story has a struggle or a reason why the two can’t be together, yet they overcome the odds.Most people rush in without a clue as to how to get them back and end up making every mistake in the book.Luckly for you I have figured out a great plan, but if you rush into it because “I have to have her/him back, right now! Before you learn what to do, you must learn what NOT to do.

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Here’s a look at the top MISTAKES people make when trying to get their Ex back PLUS I have some homework you need to do at the end that will have your lover running back to you in no time.

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