Eyetv program guide not updating

2015-03-15 .021185 I Found 0 with programids 2015-03-15 .021909 I Found 0 without programids 2015-03-15 .021914 I Marking repeats.2015-03-15 .048654 I Found 475 2015-03-15 .048659 I Unmarking new episode rebroadcast repeats.

Those would be the conditions the commit cares for. I did not add any additional repositories before I installed mythtv.

2015-03-15 .071542 I Found 0 2015-03-15 .164269 I Marking episode first showings.

2015-03-15 .302938 I Found 9192 2015-03-15 .302957 I Marking episode last showings.

I just hope your TV has Digital, not just Analog guide.

If I run the backend setup, then restart and run mythfilldatabase, I get a complete 14 day of guide data from Schedule Direct.

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Maybe this will get you started: and the section: "You want to stay up to date on a particular version of Myth TV in order to get bug fixes." I believe after that, the commands above will do what you want.

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