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There are some differences between fastn and fastp relating to the type of sequences used but both use four steps and calculate three scores to describe and format the sequence similarity results.

These are: In this step all or a group of the identities between two sequences are found using a look up table.

Nowadays, increased computer performance makes it possible to perform searches for local alignment detection in a database using the Smith–Waterman algorithm.

FASTA is pronounced "fast A", and stands for "FAST-All", because it works with any alphabet, an extension of the original "FAST-P" (protein) and "FAST-N" (nucleotide) alignment tools. DNA mappers are plotted in blue, RNA mappers in red, mi RNA mappers in green and bisulphite mappers in purple.

It initially observes the pattern of word hits, word-to-word matches of a given length, and marks potential matches before performing a more time-consuming optimized search using a Smith–Waterman type of algorithm.

The kmer value determines how many consecutive identities are required for a match to be declared.

Thus the lesser the kmer value: the more sensitive the search.

The cluster is managed by the UVa Advanced Research Computing Services (ARCS) group.

Usage of rivanna is metered in terms of "service units" (currently equal to the number of hours used), with each research group being allocated some number of service units.

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Anyone can get a free one-time trial allocation of 5,000 service units. (The current price is $0.015 per service unit.) For the most up-to-date information about rivanna, see the ARCS web page:

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