Female comedian dating isaiah mustafa

Earlier, she had also dated Jesus Luz, who was 28 years her junior.

They got married in 2008, and after renewing their vows, broke up in 2014. When she was 42, the Fifty Shades of Grey director began her relationship with her 18 years old lover, Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Although Isaiah would deny the relationship, hardly was he believed. The 58-year-old singer was once married to Guy Ritchie who was 10 years her junior.

After the marriage, she dated Brahim Zaibat who was 29 years younger than her.

Before her relationship with Bick, she married Matt Moline who was 11 years her junior in 2001.

The marriage ended in 2006, and she dated Isaiah Mustafa who was 13 years younger.

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