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Binary-comparison also processes all files in parallel. Before version 10, Free File Sync had shown a single advertisement during installation to help fund the project.Beginning with version 10, the project is fully relying on donations from users to finance its ongoing expenses in software development and support.Hi there, This is my first time posting here, but I thought I could request some assistance with a Powershell scripting issue that I have been running into for a number of days now. Error: "Cannot convert the"@" value oftype "System. I'm attempting to write a script that will import a file containing user information sent from our HR department and update the chosen attributes of all users in our Active Directory domain. The Free File Sync project is 100% dependent from ad revenue and donations to stay alive.Instead of the ads, and after Free File Sync has proven useful to you, please think about supporting with a donation.Free File Sync fully supports long file paths with more than 260 characters, copies NTFS extended attributes, security permissions and alternate data streams.

Free File Sync with Google Drive support can be downloaded from the official website: https://Free File Sync version 10 has added support for copying multiple files in parallel.Free File Sync is Open Source software, available for Windows, mac OS, and Linux.Free File Sync version 10.8 adds support for Google Drive as a new option to synchronize cloud storage besides SFTP and FTP.A huge thanks to everyone who is contributing to make this possible!– Zenju [project lead] – Official website: https://Cross-Platform File and Folder Synchronization Software adds Support for FTP and FTPS Free File Sync ( has released version 9.1 of its free open source file synchronization utility for Windows, Linux, and mac OS.

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Set ADUser All of this is being done via a test environment in Hyper-V with two virtual machines as domain controllers and using a private network, so as to not conflict with our production environment.

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