Form of christianity dating back to luther

Reconciling those who receive Him, with God the Father, through the forgiveness of their sins, by the offering of His shed Blood for their redemption (see: Plan of Salvation, Statement of Faith).

and forbids Jews to live in Jerusalem, renaming Judea, "Syria Palestine." Many Jews are enslaved and sold in Egypt.

The original "Sees" were/are in order of their founding as Churches by the Apostles: Jerusalem (all Apostles), Antioch (Peter), Rome (Paul, Peter), and Alexandria (Mark).

Constantinople (the founding of the Church there in the earlier City of Byzantium is attributed to the Apostle Andrew) was added as the fifth Apostolic "See" when the Emperor Constantine made it the new Capitol of the Roman Empire.

He is the missionary to the English people in the north of England (to Northumbria: at this time they were still the Angles; we get our word "English" from the word "Angle-ish"). After living as a Hermit Monk, he is ordained a Bishop.

The story of the missionary Irish Monks is found in the 2nd half of the book: How the Irish Saved Civilization.Athanasius; as Bishop of Alexandria, in Egypt; is present. He is known for his eloquence in preaching and public speaking, and his denunciation of abuse of authority by ecclesiastical and political leaders. John Chrysostom, used by the Eastern Orthodox Churches in its present form since the 7th Century, is named after him. Eventually Augustine would be made Bishop of the town of Hippo, where he established a monastery that functioned as a Seminary, training young monks to be Bishops in all of the towns of North Africa. D.) The Monk responsible for ending the Coliseum Games. He was the first Bishop of Rome to claim primacy/authority over all other Christians (at that time Europe had been overrun by the Huns, and had become largely barbarian and pagan again).(329-379), succeeded Eusebius as bishop of Ceasarea. After his death, John was given the Greek surname chrysostomos, "golden mouthed", rendered in English as Chrysostom. D.) which causes thousands in Europe to adopt the monastic lifestyle, both as religious hermits (eremitic), and in communities (cenobitic). He would write 93 books that would influence the Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox Churches." (387-Mar.17, 461-464) was captured at age sixteen by Irish slave raiders and enslaved for six years in Ireland. Patrick, a Missionary Bishop and Monk, establishes Monasteries everywhere. Celtic Christianity is organized along Monastic lines (each monastery group being independent), as opposed to the Roman model of central universal control organized through Bishop/City based political hierarchies. While visiting Rome from somewhere in the East, Telemachus places himself between two gladiators in the Roman Coliseum during the Games. The claim was largely ignored for the next 200 years by other Christians, including the Celtic Church, and the four other Apostolic Sees of the East; particularly by the Patriarch of Constantinople.Many more are forced to move to different areas throughout the Roman Empire (in 73 A. Roman Army ends the last remnant of Jewish resistance by capturing the fortress of Masada)., Bishop of Smyrna, occupies an important place in the history of the Christian Church. was an early Church Father, the first to write in Latin.He is among the earliest Christians whose writings survive. In his writing he often took stands against different heresies.

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Antony was the first to go to the desert intentionally to live the solitary life devoted to God, and not because he was fleeing persecution.

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