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He unfastened his pants and she slid them down to his knees.His large thick cock glistened in the moon light as she lifted her skirt and turned around showing him her beautiful tight ass.She put her hands out in front of her and held on to a tree and her entry into true fendom cuckoldry began. To own a married woman sexually while her husband waited for her at home.He came his load deep into her making her orgasm in a torrent of wetness and emotional release that took both of their breaths away finishing with his cock ball-skin deep inside her.She says "We met by the pool in the dark and chatted for a little while. We got in and started making out." His hand found its way up her skirt and his fingers into her tight pussy.He felt up her boobs and ass while he tongue kissed her over and over.They continued to meet and have sex for the next year often leaving wet spots in our marital bed and him using my things as he assumed his place as what he thought would be his replacing me as the primary copulator and accessorer to my wife's body.His being married also, did not stop them going to public parks and making public displays of affection, usually culminating in his cumming inside of my wife in some secluded alcove.

I also feel somewhat humiliated that she was fucking someone and kept it a secret from me for a year.She says "I'm going to the pool I'll be back later." This was around ten o'clock at night. " She said "no its still open." I noticed she is not wearing a swim suit. " and she said she was just going up to tell the kids to come home.She was dressed a little better then usual for retrieving kids, but it was not unlike her to dress like she was.So she says "well tell me if I feel like have been fucked".So I felt inside of her and said "nope." She asked "well smell me and tell me if I smell like sex? So I said again "no." Bear in mind that she had not showered and was full of cum only thirty minutes old.

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