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were going to spend too, about how I wanted to be on the receiving end of all that money… Because if you walk into a bank, step up to a cashier (teller) and proudly proclaim, “I’d like to take out a loan, please! (Along with a credit check, pages and pages of fine print, and a rising urge to claw my own eyes out.) So let’s ask this: was my latte () and my wrap () – a purchase at best – was it worth doing a frustrating half-hour of paperwork for? And it happened the same day when I spotted for a deli sandwich and a bag of chips for lunch, and “just” to buy a decent burger and an order of fries after a hard day of work. I had made 3 microloans totaling a staggering – more than I thought – because it was easy. But MB has exactly four goals: do as little as possible (to conserve calories), eat as much as possible (because scarcity is a – that’s Future Monkey’s problem.

I think about a lot of stuff.) I had gotten a notification earlier that day that the checking account linked to my debit card was below my Alert Limit (), so my debit card was out of commission. Of course, we all know how that one ends: with regret and sadness and interest payments buying some fat banker a yacht. When Monkey goes to Starbucks, what would Monkey do if Monkey had to do paperwork to take out that pesky loan? When Monkey’s got his hand on the joystick and a piece of fruit in his sights, you need to step in and take a pause.

I checked my wallet as I was standing in line, hoping to find a fiver or a ten to cough up in exchange for my Blonde Roasty Goodness, but my wallet was staring back at me scornfully. Here, I’ll give this money to Starbucks for that coffee you like. But that stress also tells Monkey that everything is – that what Monkey needs to get more “fruit” is a dwindling resource (completely unknowing that what Past Monkey did is exactly why the “money” fruit is so scarce! I honestly believe that meditation can help with this, because meditation is about finding a space between – Monkey puts up a loan against the future value of that fruit.

We busted our asses, reiterated at a crazy pace and now we are leaving with a tool that not only gives them a safe way to communicate- but a powerful tool against fraudulent debts.

As many people do, I created a solution to a problem that I had faced- I had been harassed by collection agencies. I seriously had to rethink our whole business model because it doesn’t work if people use our service and their debts disappear.

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