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For example, if you're not vibing with the person, promise to cut your time off after the first drink. The great part about dating is that you are meeting strangers and you can be whoever you like with those people, so don't be afraid to experiment a bit with the way you choose to showcase who you are," Lester shares.

Or if they're amazing, have an art show or fun taco bar in your back pocket to go to after the first venue. Dating will teach you a lot about yourself, so use it as an excercise to learn more about who you are and what you like. You might become more in touch with yourself and what you value and enjoy after the whole process.

Relationship Coach Jordan Gray explained, "If you are honest with yourself and your date about what your intentions are then you can leave all of the brain-clogging 'Is this a date? "Dating these days is a bit of a numbers game, but you can use that to your advantage.

In the early stages, talk to more than one person at a time so that you don't dwell on one person too much, and read into messages unnecessarily," Lester advises.

Or a stand-up show you've heard amazing things about?

"Take a moment to take a step back and watch yourself on the dates. To get your mindset into the right place, practice mindfulness the day of your date.

"Do whatever it takes for you to be in a good headspace.

Heck, if you just want to know where you stand with the person right from the beginning, call it a date.

Skip the mind games that make things awkward and stressful and be direct. That's right, you're going to juggle multiple love interests — but it's not as deceiving as it sounds.

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