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Wendla and Melchior's relationship is central to the plot.As children, they often participated in community service activities together through the church, but as they grew older, opportunities to interact became very infrequent.Melchior comes from a loving home, despite hints being placed in the play that he does not have a close relationship with his father.However, Melchior does have a very close relationship with his Mother (Fanny Gabor), who strived to raise him in a liberal-minded and forward-thinking home.Despite being a year younger than his best friend Moritz Stiefel in the play, he is much more informed than him on topics such as puberty and sexuality.Melchior is the first of the boys to fully understand the nature of the human body and its changes as a result of puberty.Jonathan Groff played Melchior in the Original Broadway Cast. Mc Kenzie in the 2015 Deaf West Broadway revival Melchior Gabor is a schoolboy living in Germany in 1891.

In the play, Melchior has been noted to be in the top three of his class, though he could be higher if he wanted to.

“Hi Laila, this is Kristoff from Frozen and I’m here with Sven. Encouragement from both man and reindeer to stay strong follows.“We wanted to sing you a song, isn’t that right, Sven? (They .)But Looking required something different from him.

I don’t even have to ask before he starts playing one, blushing a bit as Kristoff talks to Laila, the granddaughter of one of his father’s co-workers who was about to have surgery as part of cancer treatment. He and actor Gavin Creel were, at one point, Broadway’s cutest couple.

They flirt innocently, holding hands and taking walks together.

After Wendla learns that her close friend Martha is frequently physically abused by her father, she asks Melchior to beat her with a wooden switch.

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He uses the voice memo app for “literally everything,” he swears, excitably (adorably, charmingly, genuinely) taking his out own phone and scrolling through a tour of recordings he’s made himself.“Literally everything,” it turns out, is largely messages he records as his character Kristoff from the —with cameos from Kristoff’s reindeer sidekick, Sven—and sends to young fans as birthday greetings and, sadly, well wishes for medical treatments.

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