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To get a local perspective, Tara’s team sought the opinion of Choi Yeeting, National Climate Change Coordinator to the President for Kiribati.

Yeeting tells us a common saying instilled in Kiribati youth, “Nangoa Wagm Nte Tauraoi” – Be ready at all costs. Personally speaking, that is how I see it for my country. The worst-case scenario would be having to evacuate Kiribati.

You can kind of look at it like being the captain of the ship – you go down with your ship. Two fascinating encounters that showed us how committed this small island nation is to fostering biodiversity and properly managing waste to preserve its resources for the future.

Director of Research at the French Polynesian department of Research, Dr.

Here coral lives in waters whose temperatures are influenced by a volcanic environment where thermal stresses combine.He says, “Now with the ice sheets melting, it may give us less time to build our adaptive capacity and resilience relative to when Kiribati may disappear. We may not have enough time to do that fully.” The inhabitants of Kiribati – I-Kiribati in Gilbertese – are already feeling the pressures of climate change. I guess my first instinct would be I’m going to go down with it.”Who are we if we move away from our country? Do our traditional values still count when we move to another country? I don’t see a good future for our people if that day really comes.” In Wallis, Tara was fortunate to meet with Dr.More severe storms lead to land disputes, as more and more people move inland after storms, encroaching on other people’s land. “We have that fighting nature to stay in our country. Personally, I would like to remain I-Kiribati and still have my own traditions and cultural values. Besides the scientific fact that we do have 50 years.”I will have kids by then, I will be married, I will live here in Kiribati all my life. Meyer who is conducting the first biodiversity study on Wallis and Futuna, and Atolotu Malau, manager of Environmental Services.We’ve had the chance to sail safely by them, including the most destructive ones, Vulcan and Tavurvur, close to the new Rabaul.Fumaroles are still escaping from the Vulcan caldera, with the strong smell of sulfur.

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