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Using this science to your advantage is the subtlest way to make a lasting impression.It's obviously fine to wear shades in a group pic at the beach, but your first photo or two should show your whole face, according to Ok Cupid's data team.Here are eight ways to get more eyes on you instantly, based on information provided by Ok Cupid: While that candid shot of you laughing with your friends is beautiful and can be a part of your profile, your first photo should show your eyes focused out at potential dates.And it makes sense: Strong eye contact is scientifically proven to make you more memorable, according to a 2012 study on eye contact and facial recognition.For one thing, if you have totally different hair in the Instagram you linked out to, it can come off like you never check your app.

Luckily, dating apps collect data, which can help you figure out how to rig the system and get way more matches.Sure, it can be both annoying and a little daunting to craft a few sentences about yourself. But honestly, as long as you're sticking to things about yourself (and not a judgy list of the types of people you won't date), text is better than no text."We can’t stress this enough but fill out your entire profile! "Fuller profiles show up more to other users and therefore increase the odds of getting a match," Hobley says.Additionally, Ok Cupid researchers found that captioning photos increases your chances for a like by 30 percent.When you fail to do a quick scan of your short profile, it could seem like you don't care enough to make even the tiniest of efforts.Would you trust someone with a typo-laden bio to thoughtfully plan a date or engage in a stimulating conversation? It's the bare minimum you can do to make yourself look great on an app, and it makes all the difference.

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  1. But you should also check if the site provides you with an access to the gallery of explicit visual content, if you are allowed to send virtual gifts to other users, if your social ranking on the portal depends on certain specific actions, and so on.