Interracial dating bibblical beliefs

We have been given a written account of God`s direction, His Laws.If we follow its teachings, our nation and family will prosper morally, spiritually, and financially, as did the early Americans.

As we walk and drive the streets of America, we see every possible racial combination - in reality and those in-the-making.There are no wills, courthouse records, census', nor family Bibles.But there is considerable evidence, none-the-less, to prove this assertion - one can spend years in the research, as I have done.After 10-12,000 hours of conventional genealogical research and over 10 years of "unconventional" research, it is my belief that the descendants of these people, The Lost Tribes of Israel, eventually migrated to America from 1607 through the mid-1800s.God having made a promise to them of a New Jer, by Pastor Peter Peters, deceased, Scriptures for America, an online audio, a summary on this subject.

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