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They are diurnal but the majority of foraging occurs in the morning and late afternoon.At night, they build nests by folding over vegetation, usually on the ground.The eastern gorilla (Gorilla beringei) is a critically endangered species of the genus Gorilla and the largest living primate.At present, the species is subdivided into two subspecies.Eastern gorillas are herbivorous, with a heavily foliage based diet, due to lack of available fruit in their habitats.They have smaller home ranges than western gorillas as foliage is more abundant than fruit.

Poaching, habitat destruction, climate change and infectious diseases, like the Ebola virus, threaten the gorilla's survival.Eastern gorillas live in stable, cohesive family groups, led by a dominant silverback male.Eastern gorillas tend to have larger group sizes than their western relatives, numbering up to 35 individuals.There is no distinct breeding season and females give birth only once every 3–4 years due to the long period of parental care and a gestation period of 8.5 months.Newborn gorillas have greyish-pink skin and can crawl after 9 weeks; they are not fully weaned until 3.5 years.

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