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Two days after he turned 18, he left school before graduating to move to Los Angeles in hopes of furthering his potential career.

The writing process for a tour and a record began immediately.

Their debut album, We Stitch These Wounds, was released July 20, 2010 and sold over 13,000 copies in its first week, ranking at No. Their fifth album Vale was released January 12, 2018. magazine that he had been working on new music outside Black Veil Brides under the moniker 'Andy Black'.

In May 2014, he started a solo music project under the moniker Andy Black and released his debut album, The Shadow Side, in 2016.A beautiful alternative rock singer with an incredible voice.She was the front woman of the band Automatic Loveletter but then went solo after coming second in season 2 of The Voice US.According to the video testimony given by adult film actress Mary Carey, a witness to the incident, Simms forcibly struck Biersack in the face twice.Carey also stated Simms struck herself in the face with the airline handcuffs until her nose began to bleed, alleging that she was defending herself against Biersack.

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“Thank you to every one of you guys who have supported @thejulietsimms and I in our love and have been so kind to both of us,” Beirsack stated in the caption of the Instagram photo.

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