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With a message in support of disaster relief organization Reach Out Worldwide, the pic ( ———- Walker was a true speed demon — a gear-head, a rubber-ripping racecar-driving adrenaline junkie — long before “The Fast and the Furious” or any of its mega-sequels gave him enough money to afford the world’s most expensive fix.“I’ve always been into cars,” Walker recently told Entertainment Tonight in a conversation light on movies but heavy on his family’s hot-rodding streak.Fearing the worst, friends, family members and employees of Always Evolving jumped into their own cars, many armed with fire extinguishers. The Porsche, on its return trip from their joyride, was wrapped around a pole on hilly Hercules Street, “a normally quiet road with a 45-mph speed limit” near a business park, the LA Times reported.Nearby signs warn drivers to slow down as they approach an uphill curve of the four-laner — the kind of challenging sequence Rodas had deftly maneuvered thousands of times before.It was a chilly Sunday on the Atlanta set of “The Fast and the Furious 7,” and though the cast wouldn’t scatter for a weeklong Thanksgiving break for another 48 hours, Paul Walker‘s mind was already on his charity event.During a down moment, Walker assembled a few castmates for a quick photo.

The year before, he’d finished second.) and Walker had met at a racetrack years before; Rodas started out as Walker’s financial advisor and driving mentor, a relationship that evolved into a close friendship and financial partnership. “Everybody was winding down,” attendee Jim Torp, who spoke with several media outlets that day, told E! “They were getting ready to park a Porsche and decided to take for joyride.” Indeed, as the cars were being put away, an Always Evolving employee was struggling to the get the thoroughbred Porsche backed into its ) hopped into the passenger’s side. ———- At p.m., the Porsche pulled out of the parking lot.Also read: Jeff Sneider Appreciates Paul Walker’s Top 5 Non-‘Fast’ Movie Roles Though he’d enjoyed a modest Hollywood run in movies and TV, his career got a turbo boost in 2000, when Universal had the bright idea of putting a bona-fide car guy in its 2001 car movie “The Fast and the Furious.” “Universal came to me with a newspaper article about street racing in L. '” ———- Walker was in good spirits when he arrived Saturday morning at the Santa Clarita warehouse of Always Evolving, the exotic sports-car business in which he had a significant stake.The shop was bustling with a toy drive that also benefited Reach Out Worldwide, Walker’s network of disaster relief first-responders, which he’d created four years ago and was now freshly grappling with the aftermath of the Philippines typhoon.FAST and Furious star Paul Walker hoped to give up acting to become a full-time dad, according to his father.It has been revealed that he wanted to swap the film business for quality time with his daughter Meadow.

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He had a producing deal at Universal and countless years of “Fast” paychecks to look forward to. ———- In those first moments of panic, so many people tried to help.

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