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Marine biologists had said that an unprovoked attack by a ray was highly unlikely.

According to au, Stephen Robert Irwin was born to Lyn and Bob Irwin on 22 February, 1962, in upper Fern Tree Gully, Victoria.

THE man who was filming Steve Irwin the moment he was fatally wounded has spoken for the first time on the Crocodile Hunter's death.

Justin Lyons was underwater with Irwin on September 4, 2006 when the Wildlife Warrior was pierced in the chest by a stringray barb.

He moved with his parents and two sisters to Beerwah, Queensland, where his folks opened the Beerwah Reptile and Fauna Park in 1970.

In the 1980s Steve spent months on end living in the most remote areas of far North Queensland catching problem crocodiles before they ended up shot by a poacher's bullet.

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He said he never thought Irwin — who had some "very close shaves" with crocodiles, snakes and other deadly creatures — would be killed by an animal as placid as a stingray."He always pushed himself to the very limits but I thought he was invulnerable and I think he did too."I would never imagine it to come from something like a stingray."The Australian television naturalist was filming a new series when he was killed snorkelling in shallows off the Low Isles, near Port Douglas, Queensland.

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