Issues with dating a recovering alcoholic

At least, not until he’s really worked out his issue and has had it under control for a while.

People certainly can recover from being alcoholics – I have seen it and I can tell you that it’s entirely possible he’ll handle it too.

Covering everything from mating, dating and procreating to lust and loss, we’ll be looking at what love is and how to find it in the present day.

Apparently when you’ve found the one, you ‘just know’ – and I thought I knew – but clearly, given I’m single again at 33, hindsight would beg to differ.

All-to-often a new relationship can be used to delay or cover-up dealing with our problems.

And whilst our relationship ended last year, I’m still making good on that decision. It took me a year to get to a place where I felt ready to date, adamant this time round I wasn’t going to use it as a crux for my self-esteem…plus, I’d run out of Cool Water.

Dating sober therefore has been an entirely different experience.

In the meantime, I’d say hold off on starting an “official” relationship for both your sakes.

In Love, Or Something Like It, our new uk series, we’re on a quest to find true love.

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