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The article states, “Most value their own group membership. I liked this statement because I think it says a lot about the culture that we are surrounded by in America.

There is so much diversity and we get to experience so many different aspects of different cultures through interacting with different people that it is easy for us to simply change the direction we want to go in as far as our identity, based on culture.

Joshua also attended a predominately African American high school so going to Morehouse was not as uncommon for him as it would seem.

Through family problems he grew up in the black community and has always gravitated toward that.

Joshua Packwood is one of the only white males attending Morehouse.

Another statement that got my attention was, “Those who value their own group membership and don’t wish to acculturate to the dominant group may be treated as not ‘well adjusted’ to our society.Those who reject their own group and wish to change may be viewed as ‘traitors’ to family and old friends.Those who wish to belong to more than one group may be mistrusted by both, and seen as ‘spies’.” While there are still many people who hold traditional values as sacred and take pride in the culture they have been exposed to growing up, I believe that most people grasp the opportunity for change and embrace it.“‘According to Heinrich Lienhard, a Swiss who lived at Nueva Helvecia …Sutter was a sexual predator against very young girls.’” Steve Jerome-Wyatt is a Washo/Northern Paiute Indian who lives in the city of Davis.

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Johann Augustus Sutter is a prominent figure of Sacramento, California.

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