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I'm always surprised when people say, "Crikey, we didn't know you could do comedy!

"[on his favourite film] I think my favourite is a Swedish one called Fanny and Alexander (1982).

He shows how those petty frustrations can be overwhelming: you can lose sight of why you wanted to be together in the first place when you're busy bickering and fighting and screaming at each other.[When asked if modern viewers will view Mr.

Darcy differently.] I think looking at it now, Darcy would seem much more snobbish in our understanding of the word than he would then.

You think of all those rich, fabulous, fruity voices - the Gambons and Mc Kellens - and they are all from years of... I still miss it.[on being likened to a Moonin] I like Moomins. My little boy examines which bowl I've given him to eat his Weetabix out of. She falls in love with him and he doesn't see it, and that's the love story that goes through the whole piece.

It's a wonderful Dickens potboiler, apart from anything else.

It didn't help that my wife was pregnant at the time, but I wished I'd enjoyed it more.

Then I'd come along and be a bit sullen for a couple of days and then f--- off again!I sometimes wish I had an equivalent to "Sollocks" [the word Amanda and Elyot in "Private Lives" use to call a halt to their wrangling].It's quite touching all that, the idea that there's a catchword to stop the conversation and calm things down.Starred with Kim Cattrell(October 2013) Jeeves in "Perfect Nonsense" at The Duke of York's Theatre in London.[April 2010]Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes met on the set of Spooks.

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To somebody like Darcy, it would have been a big deal for him to get over this difference in their status, and to be able to say to Lizzie that he loved her.

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