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Remember, these were written in the USA by American psychiatrists.However the same terms were accepted by the editors of the International Code of Diseases (ICD) through its present 9th edition. MPD was then a minor label under "Hysterical Dissociative Disorder." It did not even have its own code number.The book called "Index Medicus" was the only place one could start searching for published articles.There I found the listing of "Dual Personality." In the 1970s, when I started meeting with other therapists of "multiples" (the term we all came to use for patients with MPD), we informally agreed to call the disorder "Multiple Personality Disorder" or MPD for short.The committee was composed of two groups, psychiatrists whose primary role was as therapists and those whose primary roles were teaching and research.The therapists wanted to keep MPD much as it was in DSM III.

When the decision was reported out of committee, the teachers had won, and MPD suddenly ceased to exist.

Some practitioners had teaching appointments in graduate schools where their opinions about MPD were not always greeted with acceptance.

After all, the accepted dictums stated that people only were allowed one personality per body.

The teachers wanted to eliminate MPD altogether, and replace it with "Dissociative Identity Disorder" or DID.

I heard one of these teachers say in public, "Everybody is born with only one personality.

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(Since I was not present for the deliberation, these ideas are only reasonable conclusions from what I heard from others who were there and position statements published about the debate.) So the patients still had a problem, but it was redefined as a different problem than the one their therapists were treating them for.

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