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The only reasonable basis for these stories is Kelly's collaboration with him in Not only that, she has even been rumored to be lesbian, and this rumor in specific is still around. Not that she has confessed it herself, but all this comes from various sources, and she hasn't denied any of it.The fact that her romantic life details are so scarce could be one of the reasons why a lot of her followers believe her to be gay.And this week the 61-year-old, who won six major trophies in his glittering career, flew her to the UK – posting snaps of them hugging on a walk in the grounds of Windsor Castle.When approached, she denied having worked as a dancer, saying “Oh my gosh” several times before then saying “No”.Though she posts pictures of some of her male companions, it seems that it is all work-related.The smitten golfing legend proudly paraded Lindsay De Marco, 56, at last weekend’s PGA Championship in New York and is believed to be unaware of her past.His first marriage to Melanie Rockall in 1979 lasted four and a half years till he was caught cheating with his manager’s secretary Gill Bennett. He met university student Brenna Cepelak, 20, in 1995 before dumping her for Swiss PR girl Valerie Bercher in 1998.

However, when the firm was raided by federal agents in a drugs probe both she and Randy were charged with possession of marijuana and selling drug paraphernalia in 1990.

Kelly Tilghman, the broadcaster of the Golf Channel, was once in the limelight for allegedly getting married to her ''boyfriend'' Nick Faldo, an English professional golfer on the European Tour.

Since their romance was just a rumor and not true, what’s her relationship status at present?

After all the ugliness, violence, political mean-spiritedness and callousness witnessed this week in the US this felt SO good to see these two sisters supporting each other, recognizing each other’s hard work and lift each other. #raisedright #usopen #cocogauff QIICe Ch To quote our friend, @ronsirak.....” At her best in an astonishing display from 2001-2005, @ANNIKA59 won 43 of 104 @LPGA events, and finished in the top three 67 times.” 👊🏆#Flashback Friday HSMKdg C Forever ending the pop rocks and soda rumor....#Life among the living for #Mikey - John Gilchrist, who played "Mikey" in TV ad, still likes it after all these years | Newsday… A Mc Enroe in the news during @usopen weeks in NY is not unusual - but today it is @melissa_errico , wife of @Patrick Mc Enroe who saves a man on city subway tracks.

It has been a great week at the ⁦@Portland Classic⁩. It was my honor to be with Mia Hamm and Vice Admiral Nora Tyson!! #Play Happy #Portland Classic #Drive On #LPGA E4t Bgd G - @melissa_errico is not only a hero, but a mother and broadway star who performs in NYC coolest clubs and has been recognized by the Tony Awards. She says, “It’s an honor to be a New Yorker” - And as a NYer, have to say it’s an honor because of NYers like her!

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