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What happens if I disagree with the results of the investigation?What happens after I send in the form saying I disagree with the results of the investigation?Can employers force employees to take a vacation day(s) for the day(s) the business was closed due to a weather-related emergency? During a regular field investigation, staff in Wage and Hour Compliance will try not to reveal the complainant's identity. If, after this discussion, you still disagree with the results of the investigation you may be scheduled for a conference with a Section Chief. You cannot deduct the cost of drug testing, medical examinations, visual exams, etc. A-1 et seq.) allows applicants for security guard jobs to be responsible for the payment of any registration costs with the State Police, which includes drug testing, fingerprinting, criminal background checks, etc. Can I make deductions for uniforms or uniform maintenance? An employee can be required to wear a uniform and if the employee pays for uniforms in cash and the cash payment brings the employee below the minimum wage, the employer is required to make up the difference for the minimum wage for that week.I am an employer who had to close my business for several days due to a weather-related emergency or other disaster. If the claim is filed anonymously the person filing the claim will not receive any information about the claim unless a resolution is reached and wages due are sent as part of the resolution. Will you tell me the name of the employee who filed a claim? Once the case is investigated and closed, you have the right, under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA), to request all information on the claim however, we will endeavor to protect the identity of a complainant or witness to the maxim extent allowable by law. These conferences are normally held by telephone to minimize the impact on your business operations. Can I require an individual to pay for drug or other pre-employment testing or can I make a deduction from their paycheck for these costs? from the employee’s pay or require the employee or prospective employee to pay for this cost. In addition, an employer may not require an employee to purchase a uniform that contains a company logo or cannot be worn as street wear. Can I make deductions or require an employee to pay for a license, certificate or certification that is required in order for the employee to perform the job? No payroll deductions can be made for a license, certificate or certification that is required to do the job. In most cases employers are required to issue payment at least twice a month on regular paydays established by the employer.

May I make a deduction from an employee's wages for shortages or breakage?I cannot afford to pay my employees during the time I am closed. If, a conference with the Section Chief is not available or if the conference is held and you still disagree with the results of the investigation you will be scheduled for a hearing before a Hearing and Review Officer. However, the 2004 Security Officer Registration Act (N. The employee can be required to pay for the license, certificate or certification if it is the property of the employee, not exclusive to one employer, and is required to perform the job. However, for certain executive, supervisory or other special classes of workers, payment can be made once a month as long as there is a regularly established schedule. Can my employees have their paychecks deposited directly into a bank account? Yes, if you as the employer choose to provide this option. -2.4 for the complete list of conditions): BENEFITSQ. Fringe benefits like vacation, severance, holiday or any other type of benefit pay are not required by New Jersey State law.However, I now want to give my hourly employees extra hours (over 40) to make up the time. UNDOCUMENTED WORKERSIf the investigation reveals that there are undocumented workers, what will happen? These hearings are held in persona and are normally held in Trenton however, if this presents a hardship you can request an alternate location. Can the Division of Wage and Hour help people who feel they were unfairly terminated or discharged? Wage and Hour Compliance has jurisdiction in termination cases only when the termination results from a wage complaint. May I make deductions from an employee's last paycheck for failure to return company property such as an ID tag, cell phone, tools, etc? However, payment cannot be made by payroll deduction. You are required to make arrangements with a financial institution. Am I required to provide benefits such as vacation, severance, holiday pay, etc.? If the employer chooses to provide these benefits, they must be administered uniformly in accordance with the established policy or employment agreement.How do I compute the overtime rate for a worker who has two or more job titles with different hourly rates? Can I require employees to work overtime if they are health care workers?EARNED SICK LEAVEAre employers required to pay sick leave benefits?

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Am I required to pay tipped employees the minimum wage rate? If the employee works 40 hours during the week, plus gets 8 hours of holiday pay for a total of 48 hours in the week, do I have to pay overtime for the hours over 40?

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