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Because if that were the case, I wouldn’t have had feelings for him for years prior.I wouldn’t have seen us making it work in the future. And as long as you’re alive here and I’m alive too,the timing is right enough for me.”And here’s my answer: whether someone leaves their partner for someone else depends on their value system and, to an extent, their definition of love.If you’re someone who simply values connection and sees love not as “romance” but as a daily decision, you’ll choose the person who makes that work feel most like a labor of love. If you operate from a place of authenticity and honoring your real values, you’ll make the decision easily — and honorably. We have to be emotionally and mentally ready; be well-equipped with good standards — and mostly that means framing up a partner as a human being, not a physical manifestation of our ideals.And if you’re someone who values your person) most, you wouldn’t be incentivized to build a competing connection with someone else. If you operate from a place of fear, you’ll do it poorly, or in despair. We make the timing forever when we are the sort of people who are open to forever, who ready ourselves by not waiting on the universe to hand us things, by getting our shit straight and our heads right, for seeing people in healthy ways and not using people to fill gaps in our hearts.If you’re someone who values tradition and security most, the “right” person is the one who best fosters this in the long run.If you’re someone who values status most, you’ll choose whichever person offers more.There are dudes I dated at different points in my life that I dated simply because they offered what I needed at the time.

I’d wait for decades or ages or centuries or lifetimes. But the brilliant thing is, I don’t have to do any of that. So: either they were “right” or at least one of you didn’t build and foster and commit to the relationship, but either way.

(Eventually, it was neither: I dumped him and moved somewhere else altogether.)I always thought this was partly due to personality.

And the reason I tell you this is to illustrate that it wasn’t, and how it goes when it’s right…Rather than blockers, explanations, gating items, walls, or other reasons “why not,” you only see options and open road and avenues and outlets; you see the wide open horizon where the river dumps into the sea.

If you value harmony, the “right” choice is the one with fewest hurt feelings and least disruption to the peace in your life.

If you’re someone who sees life (and other people in it) as fluid, you may not see partners as static, one and done, til-death-do-us-part commitments, but rather companions in life to the extent that it’s mutually enjoyable, and in that case the “right” choice is whichever one that supports your personal journey.

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