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Make sure you sound truly delighted even as your soul is dying inside. But when he’s explaining something and you already know that, it might be tempting to say “I already know that.” Instead, have him explain it to you over and over again.It will make him feel useful and will give you some time to think about out how to avoid him in the future. When collaborating with a man, type using only one finger. When all else fails, wear a mustache so everyone sees you as more man-like.In this fast-paced business world, female leaders need to make sure they’re not perceived as pushy, aggressive or competent. When setting a deadline, ask your coworker what he of doing something, instead of just asking him to get it done.One way to do that is to alter your leadership style to account for the (sometimes) fragile male ego. This makes him feel less like you’re telling them what to do and more like you care about his opinions.Talking about intimidation is difficult by definition, given the actual and perceived risks associated with saying something, and fixing it is challenging.

Calling out intimidation in more specific ways can be hazardous to one’s career, reputation, and well-being.You don’t want your male coworkers to think you’re getting all uppity.Instead, downplay your ideas as just “thinking out loud,” “throwing something out there,” or sharing something “dumb,” “random,” or “crazy.” Pepper your emails with exclamation marks and emojis so you don’t come across as too clear or direct.Is it deliberate, calculated, meant to disorient, or meant to help me out in some way—like, or what?Is it off-the-cuff, something in the spur of the moment, more likely to be solely the result of feeling intimidated in my presence? It’s not easy to share with someone when you empathize with them that you find them intimidating, it’s hard to speak openly and honestly when we feel intimidated, and it feels risky to conversationally explore experiences of being intimidated and intimidating.

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