Omnicom consolidating 2016

Omnicom has grown by acquiring agencies and each of these came with their own culture, their own building and their own leadership team, who live and breathe their brand.

Tony said, “Bringing everyone under one roof also creates opportunities.

Paul Tilley, Senior Facilities Manager at Omnicom, said one of their main challenges is space and not having enough of it.

He pointed out the fact that many young people working for the business want to come into the office, partly because they are not set up to work from home but they also want to come into the office and work with their team.

"We are looking at ways to make our marketing dollars work harder, whether that be through more efficient media spending or finding more effective ways to connect with consumers," said Bob Rupczynski, Mc Donald's vice-president of global media and customer relationship management.

Omnicom Group Inc.'s OMD has handled Mc Donald's ad buying business for more than a decade in the U. and is also responsible for the work in most countries around the world. company has been making big changes to its approach to marketing.

Paul said, “Building rapport and relationships with clients in the building is essential because we live in a world where things never stand still.

Accommodating future workforce The panel talked about the future workforce.

Mc Donald's said its relationship with OMD remains "strong" and the agency will be participating in the review process. Earlier this year, it ended its longstanding partnership with the International Olympic Committee.

In 2016, Mc Donald's consolidated creative ad duties in the U. The company has been increasing its use of digital marketing and technology.

Offering your team a little flexibility and the opportunity to work in the way they want to work, when they want to work, can have huge business benefits.” Julia Edmonds, Managing Director at Lexington agreed.

She said, “People are finding their third space – somewhere they can meet and work but away from their desks.

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