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The most common reason for failure to induce a hypnotic state is a lack of rapport with a hypnotherapist, or working with someone without proper training.

Always check into the education and background of a new hypnotherapist before committing to a session, and choose to continue working with someone with whom you feel a sense of trust and rapport.4. Hypnosis is a heightened learning state where the body is deeply relaxed and the mind is alert.

I had just ended a 10- year relationship/marriage at an age when many women think about starting families or already have them. I had always assumed that I would be settled, not still searching for “the one”.

I was born in the 1970s and married in my 20s, so I really had missed online dating all together. I was what some might call a serial monogamist, going from one long-term relationship to the next with little to no break in between.

Even though it wasn’t the healthiest of practices, I threw myself back into dating unhealed and unprepared, because my natural instinct was to repeat that same pattern once again.

What if I told you that you already go into hypnosis several times a day — would you believe me? You know that twilight state right before you fall asleep at night? Whatever the goal, hypnosis is an incredibly affective tool to assist with reprogramming the subconscious mind on a deep level.

Have you ever missed your freeway exit because you were zoned out? Here are the five most important things you should know before seeing a hypnotherapist:1.

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