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Contrary to the mononic post earlier, boys don't simply want sex and then dump the girl.As people age, the general shift is for men to like younger women.

but some younger men feel older and therefore he becomes older. Difficult question, but as much as I know, young women in general feel secure with older men.To add to this: its my opinion that young men like older women because they somehow have a belief that they are more sexually available(which is really not true), or that they can help them financially.Though i find its more the case of younger women wanting…Procreation is inherant in our DNA therefore men tend toward more fertile, younger… [dlisted] Sexuality is complicated says massive new study [towleroad] Jennifer Aniston on the 90s: ‘There was a sense of safety in the world.’ [celebitchy] Why can’t gay writers stop asking if Troye Sivan is a bottom?

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How to create a happy home full of memories (and the cutest dog).

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