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In 461, when Theodoric was but seven or eight years of age, he was taken as a hostage in Constantinople to secure the Ostrogoths' compliance with a treaty Theodemir had concluded with the Byzantine Emperor Leo the Thracian (ruled 457–474).

The treaty secured a payment to Constantinople of some 300 pounds worth of gold each year.

Gothic plundering finally elicited a settlement from Zeno, but Theodoric initially refused any compromise.

Theodoric sent one of his confidants, Sidimund, forward to Epidaurum for negotiations with Zeno.

The emperor sought the assistance of the Bulgarians, who were likewise defeated by Theodoric.

In 487, Theodoric began his aggressive campaign against Constantinople, blockading the city, occupying strategically important suburbs, and cutting off its water supply; although it seems Theodoric never intended to occupy the city but instead, to use the assault as a means of gaining power and prestige from the Eastern Empire.

He had married the sister of the mighty Frankish king, Clovis—likely in recognition of Frankish power.

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This was just a year after the Ostrogoths had thrown off nearly a century of domination by the Huns.

His Gothic name, which is reconstructed by linguists as *Þiudareiks, translates into "people-king" or "ruler of the people".

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