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Our friendship became more balanced and I stopped feeling like a little runt that would tag along with the alpha dog.

I read The Game (which, in its defense, isn't really intended to teach you how to run game) and then another book which scientifically broke down all the stages of pick-up from approach to relationships, and Other books, frankly, often appear to be written by douchebags.We were drinking downstairs when a girl came up to my friend and said he was handsome.She was fat and ugly but she had a few friends with her, one of whom was very pretty. My friend wanted her as well but he had trouble competing and ended up talking to the ugly girl more than cuter one I was working on.I'm more aggressive in approaching when I used to wait for the women to come to me.What I've learned from quizzing various women is that while they think I'm attractive or hot, I look too "nice", like I am going to buy a woman flowers and kiss her on the cheek after dropping a c note over a bad dinner and not ram their head into the headboard as I'm doing my best fido impersonation.

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