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Stick with us until the end; if you need even more, scroll down and take a look to our previous article, too! Rintarou Hinata is a single father who falls in love, and then marries Miwa Asahina.

However, things take a turn for the worse, and Ritsuka finds herself dealing with vampires and devils: both these groups are looking for an item that can give them an unthinkable power.

However, otome anime aren't necessarily based on otome games: some of them come from manga, and some of them are original works keeping the main concept of the otome games–they can be called reverse-harem shows–as well.

In this ranking, we will talk about ten amazing otome anime, adapted from visual novels or other sources.

The brothers have such different personalities that they can suit anyone’s tastes!

Also, our heroine is your typical high school girl trying to realize her dreams.

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