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I have made sure her reading pane settings are the same (do not mark as read just because it was displayed.) I have deleted her local and allowed it to reboot. For instance, if reading an email takes you at least 10 seconds and when you quickly go through your emails, you won’t be looking at the message for longer than 5 seconds, then you set your delay to 10 seconds. It is when she goes into OWA that emails she marked as read in Outlook do not show as read. Messages which she had marked as read a day ago in Outlook and which show as read in Outlook are showing as unread in OWA.I will check for a mark as read delay in the morning but would this create two different read states in Outlook and OWA? Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices?Thank you Microsoft :-) 5) Quit Outlook, start Outlook up, and BOOM all counts are now showing. I had a problem where the number of unread emails in a "folder" in my favorites was not displaying.The issue turned out to be I was saving my emails directly to the Outlook Data File rather than a folder within the Outlook Data File.By default, most folders in Microsoft Outlook 2010 display the number of unread items in parentheses with blue text after the name of the folder.You can change a folder to display the total number of items in the folder, both read and unread.I used the answer by Ian C but I think it's not quite shown correctly.

I'm using Outlook 2016 32-bit and was the only solution I found. I experienced wrong uread count in Outlook 2013 for many types of accounts and was not be able to solve it completely.

I initially created a new Outlook Data File (New Items - Outlook Data File).

I could then drag and drop emails into that data file that was displayed on the sidebar (see circled name in link).

All problems were solved after upgrading to Outlook 2016 (including "search not working/incomplete" issues).

I have a user who depends upon the read status of her emails to determine if she has dealt with an issue as of yet. It looks like old messages may also be getting marked unread. The default is set to mark items as read when you select another email.

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