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Visit Stack Exchange Well this was a very well known issue as the title explains but in my case, the "updating inbox 3.99GB" keeps on repeating to the same state.No new mail activities or even download progress on Inbox, but the other folders at least updating upon selecting.I have not had a chance to test because my focus is on restoring connectivity ASAP but I imagine if the user would log into another machine that would work fine too. EDIT: I think this problem is resolved, although since it is so intermittent it may be a while before I'm sure.MTU was set to 1514 on the Exchange server rather than the typical 1500.

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They aren't the only ones that had it, but none of the "simple" accounts had any problems, only the ones with several mailboxes/calendars.

The only fix we could find was either disable caching like you said, or wipe their Windows profile and have them start over, which many did not want to do.

I can see about 23K mails when I check the synchronization through the inbox properties.

And somehow, it had updated up to 15K and now nothing happens. It appears like what @RDrast has already pointed out.

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Per the article below I updated the Ethernet drivers on the the server to the most recent version and the MTU was automatically set to 1500.

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