Pandoras box dating

The habit of saying the same stuff to every girl whether she’s looks like a Cheerleader or a Goth Chick is insane.

Insight into female psychology and a better understanding of the real lives of different types of women is going to improve our results across the board.

And not this non-sense pop-psychology or politically correct psychology that’s just flat out wrong. It’s A LOT more subtle than that and Vin understand subtlety.

Overall Opinion Overall, the Pandora’s Box is a system is definitely worth trying.

The material can also be confusing at first, and the system requires practice.

You can’t just immediately go out the first night and point at a girl and say “That’s a Playette!

” and “That’s a Seductress.” And early on, you go out and just get it wrong.

You think a girl is a Cinderella and then months later you realize she was closer to a Private Dancer.

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* Pandora’s box contains a lot of material, and you have to go over the material and learn it a little at a time if you want to get the full effect.

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