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Instead, she discovers a room full of clocks, which Zhang finds her admiring.In a coded discussion of identity, the two get to know each other: Zhang quotes Macbeth to explain his fascination with time, and Dom explains that she is "disgusted and fascinated" by the selfish brutality of the world.Santiago stands by the official Chinese story, which places the blame on Uyghur separatists.Dom insists that the gunmen could have pressed their tactical advantage, but instead "erased their history". Her parents bought a seemingly rare clock from the local Kmart, keeping it in the family room. Joseph lives in Morrisville, PA and has a 4 year old son Jaime. Mere days before graduating from law school, Dom received a marriage proposal from the person she was dating. She has a kid brother, Joseph, for whom she rolled joints in high school.After a long, tense silence, Zhang promises to deliver dossiers on the hacker group, and invites them to a reception the night before the tour.

Dom objects, finding fault with Santiago's double standard and insisting that the attack was intended to disrupt the FBI's investigation into the Dark Army.At the airport, Dom is shaken by an brief encounter with two masked men, who watch her pass by on the escalator.In a publicized diplomatic meeting with Minister Zhang, Dom speaks out of turn and requests all intelligence on the Dark Army.Di Pierro visits Steel Mountain's Albany facility, examining a Raspberry Pi wired into the climate control system.Afterwards, she returns to the FBI's secure floor at the E Corp Headquarters.

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On June 17, Dom is reading about the murder of Gideon at 4 in the morning while watching reality TV in bed.

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