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I am fighting the most difficult battle of my life. The first few months I felt were great but looking back there were obvious signs of control. Last night I prayed intently for God to show me a way out of my pain. ***As a side note: we are women supporting women, friends helping friends, supporting someone who is going through something we've gone through, and sharing our experiences.

Do you have a personal story about an abuse topic that you'd like to share? Help and be Helped, Domestic Violence Support Group is a fun and exciting forum that encourages, builds up, helps, teaches, and shares with women who have experienced abuse or domestic violence.When the Georgetown College Boat Club, the school's rowing team, was founded in 1876 it adopted two colors: blue, used for Union uniforms, and gray, used for Confederate uniforms.These colors signified the peaceful unity among students.He identified as Irish Catholic, like his father, and was educated in Catholic schools in the United States and France.He is credited with reforming the undergraduate curriculum, lengthening the medical and law programs, and creating the Alumni Association.

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However, the university has always been governed independently of the church, and the majority of Georgetown students are not Catholic. During most of the remainder of Maryland's colonial period, Jesuits conducted Catholic schools clandestinely.

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